The way of "Snake"

1. Mountain fold and unfold.

2. Turn paper over.

3. Valley fold and unfold.

4. Fold and unfold.

5. Fold and unfold.

6. More fold and unfold.

7. Turn paper over.

8. Pleat fold.

9. Snake the paper like snake, then complete. However...
I show an example how to snake it.

9. Fold.

10. Raise like the next photo.

11. Fold.

12. Turn paper over.

13. Raise like the next photo.

14. Look from the top.

15. Mountain fold and unfold.

16. Valley fold and unfold.

17. Combination fold. Like the next photos.

18. Making a head part.

19. Fold like the step 15,16,17.

20. Inside reverse fold. Fold the tip a little.

21. Model complete.

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