Step8 "Open sink"

"Open sink" and "Closed sink" are the most difficult basic techniques.
In this step, I show "Open sink". I will show "Closed sink" in next step.
If you master the 2 skills, it will broaden your origami world.
Let's sink!

Often, "Open sink" is displayed like this.
And finally, this is the goal.

Now first, prepare.

1. Fold.

2. Fold.

3. Squash fold. (If you don't know it, please read "Step7 Squash fold".)

4. Turn paper over.

5. Squash fold.

6. When it finished No.5.

7. Unfold all.

8. Then, look carefully and

9, You can find 2 valley lines and

10, You can find 2 mountain lines.

11, Crease at mountain to valley, valley to mountain. This is important.

12, Fold as it is.

13, When it finished No.12. This form is reverse of No.6

14, Fold your favorite line and Unfold.

15. Now the preparing is over. Let's "Open sink".

16. Unfold all, look from top.

17. Crease like No.8 to No.11.

18. Fold as it is. This is the "Open sink".

19. Complete.

One more practice.

1. Fold.

2. Fold and unfold.

3. Inside reverse fold. (What is "Inside reverse fold".)

4. Fold.

5. Unfold.

6. Open sink.

7. Complete.

This is very important technique.I am glad if you can master.

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