Step7 "Squash fold" and "Petal fold"

"Petal fold" and "Squash fold" are similar.
"Petal fold" is the applied technique of "Squash fold".
This time, I draw the lines and arrows on same color on purpose.

1. Fold.

2. Fold.

3. Then, "Squash fold" started.
Put your finger in middle layer and lift the corner.

4. Fold the corner toward *1.

5. Complete. Then, turn paper over and repeat.

6. Often case, "squash fold" is shown the diagram like this.

7. Put your finger in middle layer and fold.

8. Complete. Next, "petal fold".

By the way, what "squash fold" is called in Japan?
Indeed, it don't have a name particularly.
Often case, it is displayed in sentence like "内側を広げてつぶすように折る(uchigawa wo hirogete tsubusu youni oru)".
The summary is "spread and crush".
Other, "Petal fold" is called "花弁折り(kaben ori)"."花弁" means "petal".
Usually, we don't say "花弁(kaben)". We say "花びら(hanabira)".
"花弁" is academic expression.
But, "花びら折り(hanabira ori)" have not used in origami world.
It is mystery. Ok, the rest is over.

9. "Petal fold" is started. Put your finger in middle layer and lift the corner.

10. Complete.Is it not hard isn't it?

Next, turn paper over and let's practice another version.
11. Squash fold.

12. Complete, this is "squash fold" too.

Next, another "petal fold".
13. Petal fold.

14. Complete. This is "petal fold" too.

Let's practice one more!
15. Fold.

16. Fold.

17. Squash fold.

18. Petal fold.

19. Complete. And this step finished.

If you learn this skills you will be able to fold ori-tsuru.

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