The way of "Origami Syuriken"

How to make an origami syuriken.

1. Fold and unfold.

2. Fold and unfold.

3. Fold.

4. Fold.

5. Fold.

6. Fold.

7. Fold.

8. Fold.

9. Turn paper over. Only left one.

10. Pile right one on left one.

11. Zoom.

12. Fold and insert the corner into the pocket like next picture.

13. Fold and insert.

14. Turn paper over.

15. Fold and insert like No.12 and No.13.

16. Complete.

Be careful when you throw.
This is just paper, however it can stick cardboard.
Be peaceful Ninja. Have fun.

-------------------- 2014.08.10 UPLOAD --------------------

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  1. It's nice but a bit confusy, I've made but it's not as good as it's looking. It will be more better if you post a video of it. Thanks.

  2. >priyanshi porwal
    Sorry for my late reply.
    I upload video how to fold.I'm glad if look and you fold it perfectly.


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